Tuesday, December 23, 2014

My honest review of www.buyadsensesite.com

My honest review of www.buyadsensesite.com

  There is a lot of services offering to build micro niche websites, which suppose to create passive online income through Google Adsense. And some of those services are honest and reliable and some of them are dishonest and complete scam.

  After some research on Internet, using different forums and advertisement I've found this service at www.buyadsensesite.com
This service was heavily advertised at warrior forum -  http://www.warriorforum.com by user babus, at blackhat forums - http://bestblackhatforum.com by user halloween and http://www.cpaelites.com by user halloween

  All those services looked very attractive with real screenshots from
www.buyadsensesite.com Adsense account and also current customers of this company.

  Lets take a look at this offer at warrior forum:

As we can see user babus starts his advertisement post with name: 
Hot offer!! Money Making Google Friendly Niche Sites & Non-hosted AdSense account provider and posts screenshots of his: 

and his customers earnings:
 100 % Customer Reviews

Did you know that tens of thousands of people worldwide earn between $500 and $15 000 per month, and every month, with the Google Adsense program?

It looks very appealing, how can you pass on this deal, just buy service from  www.buyadsensesite.com and you will be making $5000.00 just in two weeks.

But simple search in Google with the phrase - "buyadsensesite.com review" shows what really this service is:

First result - and ripoff report!!!


Under category :
 there is another report:


After reading those two reports - www.buyadsensesite.com doesn't look good at all. I've started investigation online about this "service", and what I've found - I'll post in this blog.


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