Friday, December 26, 2014 review - part 2  review - part 2

 Where did the came from? And is it a real honest business or is it a scam? Let's continue our research on this company.

  In March of 2014 there was an auction on well known auction site, which sells websites. Here is a report about this sale:

And in case this page for some reason would be not available online, here is a screenshot of that auction:

When you click on that link: View Website History on Flipping Ethics
it will bring us to this page.
And in case that would be not available online, here is a screenshot:

Interesting thing, usually when site makes certain amount of money per month it sells 20X that amount - was "making" $2000.00 and it should easily sell for $40000.00, but it was sold for $2500.00 only. Question - why? What's wrong?
 And why this site was removed (by request of buyer?) from site. When you click on a Flippa Due Diligence Page, it will bring you to a page saying:
The page you were looking for does not exist -

It is clear - buyer was trying to hide, where did the came from. Was he planning this from the very beginning  to scam people and this is why he was hiding origination of a!
 Let's find out more about this company in the next post.


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