Sunday, January 4, 2015

My honest review of - part 4

My honest review of - part 4

 Is a legitimate and honest business or is it a scam?
Let's continue our research on this business and its claims. Today we are going to take a look at claims about their earnings with Adsense through their micro niche websites.
We will start with their claims on warrior forum -
post #1- $ 60 - 6000+/mo with Google Friendly Micro Niche Adsense Websites - AdSense Account Provider
where user babus shows screenshot of his Adsense earnings($31,807.65) for  period of Jul 1, 2014 - Jul 30, 2014:

 Do you see in the left top corner: 

This means - it is earnings for one site only, not whole account.
At the very bottom of that screenshot:

Notice timezone of that screenshot - it is UTC-5 (user babus is from Netherland with timezone UTC+1).
On that screenshot user babus covers Page views, Clicks, Page CTR and Page RPM, as per Google Adsense policy, which is fine.
  Now, lets take a look at post # 388 and #389, where user babus answers to the question: How long did you take and how many sites that you own made $31,000 just in a month?:

 In his own words user babus owns "1 big website and few small websites".
 It looks like user babus forgot about his previous claims about $31,807.65 earnings in July of 2014 and in post # 399 he shows us different earnings for the same period on July, 2014( now it is $59,307.72):

 Again, pay attention to the timezone in the top right corner (UTC -06:00 Mountain Time): 

It doesn't seem that this is a screenshot of his Adsense account (he is from Netherland with timezone UTC+1). According to user babus with his 1 big website - it appears to be he has two big websites and "makes" $91115.37 per month. Which one is true - one or two big websites?
User babus promotes and sells micro niche websites, how he can show us as proof of his earnings for some big sites, which don't fit his business model? Where are the earnings for months May, 2014 and June, 2014 for the first BIG site?

  Now, lets take a look at post #363, where user babus shows us "proof of his earnings just in one day"($5146.99):

Pay attention to the timezone again in the top right corner( now it is UTC+05:00 - Pakistan):

and left bottom corner (UTC+2):

Simple question: why user babus is not covering  Page views, Clicks, Page CTR and Page RPM, as per Google Adsense policy in this screenshot? Answer is simple as well - this is not his earnings, not his screenshot, this is why he doesn't care.
 Despite numerous requests from users on warrior forum to show his real Adsense earnings in form of video report, as it could be found on youtube:
 user babus failed to show that proof, confirming that he is a scammer and fraudster.
 We will continue our research in the next post, stay tuned.


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