Tuesday, December 30, 2014

www.buyadsensesite.com review - part 3

www.buyadsensesite.com review - part 3

 Is buyadsensesite.com real and honest business or is it a scam and you should avoid it? Let's see what we have found about this business.
 Real business usually has a real mailing address and good business name, and this is what we were looking for to find about this company.
 Before buyadsensesite.com was sold on auction on www.flippa.com on March 7 2014, company was located in France:

After auction, about one month later company got it's name "Online Marketing Experts" and was located in Netherland, Dronten:

Seven days later company got new mailing address and moved from Dronten to Amsterdam:

 Two months later ( after customers complaints about bad business practice and requests for refunds ) company has changed their name to "Magic Hands":

As of December 17 2014 company had the same address and even added some phone number, which doesn't look real:
Netherland  Country code: 31
Amsterdam area code: 020
Phone provided on their page is fake:  Phone: +31 6 17 16 29 29:

And finally, just a couple days after another customers complaints about bad business practice company changes their business name to "Niche Site Experts" and "relocates" to United States to North Las Vegas.

Unfortunately there is no such street in North Las Vegas ( 1852 Goosetown Drive):

Company, that has some reputation and takes care of their customers wouldn't provide false information about their location and "relocates" their business every couple months. This is one more evidence - buyadsensesite.com is a scam.
 We will continue our research in the next post.


  1. I was going to buy some Adsense sites from buyadsensesite.com, but after reading this post I've changed my mind. I'll look for some honest business to deal with, scammers shouldn't be in this business.

  2. Last year I've bought 5 sites from buyadsensesite.com hoping to make good money, as it was promised on their sales page. But after a year my sites still don't make anything, most of the backlinks were dead after a couple of weeks. Waste of time and money, stay away from buyadsesnsesite.com - it is a complete scam.